Monday, September 28, 2009


Today I drove out to the Sockeye Salmon run at The Adams River hoping to shoot some photos of the red salmon for Canadian Geographic only to find roughly 15 salmon the whole trip! Waste Of Time! But I did snap a couple shots of things other then fish.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Recently my best friend Kenton moved into a character home. The home was built in 1901 entirely out of specially manufactered concrete blocks. It was once home to his girlfriend's great grandparents and now is owned by his girlfriends mother. It was a live in home for 18 years, but has remained empty for years and definitely shows wear not only on the outside but inside as well. Before we begin restoring this home i wanted to shoot some before photos. Here are a couple one from the basement. The other from a hallway upstairs. This house is HUGE! It has 3 levels and 8 bedrooms and kitchen just upstairs! The middle floor has begun restoration on the hardwoods and bathroom. It definitely has the potential to be one of the cities most beautiful homes.

Monday, September 7, 2009


al·bi·no (āl-bī'nō)
n. pl. al·bi·nos
A person or animal lacking normal pigmentation, with the result being that the skin and hair are abnormally white or milky and the eyes have a pink or blue iris and a deep-red pupil.

Today I went for a drive in the country side and saw these beautiful horses near this abandoned pioneer home. I had never seen an albino horse before and had to pull over to photograph it. They both loved the camera every step I would take they would follow me. I had to get the shot fast and get back in my car cause it began to thunderstorm minutes after I shot this photo.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


MTV filmed a TV series here called FEAR. They renamed Padova City "Serenity Lake Sanitorium" for the Tv show. I was talking to a guy a few years ago who was on set and he was telling me half of the Los Angeles film crew packed up and left after the first night of filming they were so terrified! Here is the first of 5 clips of the show you can watch the rest on YOUTUBE.

"From a sanatorium to a mental health institution to a run-down shadow of a former era, Tranquille is forever changing".

Me and my friend Connor took a trip out to Padova City near Kamloops, BC today to try and get some shots. The land is private property and surveillanced 24 hours a day, our trip got cut early due to WAY to many security guards patrolling the area. Honestly I was lucky enough to get the shots I did. This will be the first of many postings, I will have to make frequent trips to capture all the amazing sites.


I wish I was as rich as Donald Trump! Here is a Holga shot I took in NYC earlier this year. I was laying in a garden in the dirt to get this angle, it was right in the opening of a subway as well so when people got off they looked at me like I was crazy haha! The bike was un-usable and was right on the corner of 5th Ave. I found it ironic an un-usable bike would be chained to a post on the most expensive strip of real estate in the world.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I got asked a couple years ago to submit some photography into an art magazine on an article about emerging artists out of Canada. The magazine was distributed across Canada in galleries as well as trendy stores, the magazine's called MAGNUM OPUS. I had forgotten all about it till i found it in my room. I got a 4 page spread. Anyway here are the photos.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


My good friend Aaron Spohr recently released his debut cd "A Dreamer's Disease" and he asked me if I would shoot his promo poster to be displayed in PLAY MUSIC STORES.  Anyway his album is doing great go up to the Aberdeen Mall and pick yourself up a copy!  Here's the final product.


My favorite thing to do is to jump in my car and drive into the back country of British Columbia and just get lost.  I love the idea of throwing all my gear into a back pack and hiking through the woods in the middle of nowhere cause you just never know what you will come across or what photo opportunities lie ahead.  Here are some shots I've taken on some journeys through the backwoods of BC.




I have recently been trying out a technique called HDR (high dynamic range) photography. By merging more then one exposure to create a photo it brings out the vivid highlights and shadows the camera cant pick up in a single frame shot.  I got inspired by Trey Ratcliff who is a photographer from Austin Texas and shoots the most amazing HDR photos I've ever seen.


I went for a drive on the plateau above Kamloops and drove up an old dirt road, trying to get close to the many recent forest fires hoping to get close enough for a good shot.  I had only been on the road for about 2 minutes and came across this old bicycle hanging from a tree, I found it very odd not only that a bike was hanging from a tree, but simply the fact I was in the middle of nowhere!