Sunday, September 6, 2009


MTV filmed a TV series here called FEAR. They renamed Padova City "Serenity Lake Sanitorium" for the Tv show. I was talking to a guy a few years ago who was on set and he was telling me half of the Los Angeles film crew packed up and left after the first night of filming they were so terrified! Here is the first of 5 clips of the show you can watch the rest on YOUTUBE.

"From a sanatorium to a mental health institution to a run-down shadow of a former era, Tranquille is forever changing".

Me and my friend Connor took a trip out to Padova City near Kamloops, BC today to try and get some shots. The land is private property and surveillanced 24 hours a day, our trip got cut early due to WAY to many security guards patrolling the area. Honestly I was lucky enough to get the shots I did. This will be the first of many postings, I will have to make frequent trips to capture all the amazing sites.

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